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Proof Against Neal Adams and Expanding Earth

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This website was created in response to the growing numbers of followers in todays more dominate pseudo-sciences.

The two most dominate pseudo-sciences today are Creationism/Intelligent Design and Expanding Earth Theory. Both have hardcore advocates to their cause, namely Kent Hovind and Neal Adams for each, respectively.

This site specifically was created in response to Neal Adams and his Expanding Earth Theory. Later, a sister-site devoted to Evolution and Creationism/Intelligent Design will come online.

This website is only a means of firstly, understanding the scientific method, secondly understanding the scientific theory, and lastly understanding the critique. More importantly, it brings up questions in Neal Adams theory.

Unfortunately, at this time, I have not been able to find the original papers from which the scientific theories are based on, however, you can find them at almost any library or scientific journal. What I am saying here is representative of those scientific journals, and therefore, the overall consensus of science.

In the end, I hope that through simple reasoning and logic, you realize that Neal Adams model of the Earth is far to outlandish and ludicrous to be considered a scientific fact. I also hope you realize that science is rigorous in its testing, however, it results in truth.

More specifically, I will discuss topics in physics, including Big Bang, String Theory, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics. I will also discuss topics in biology including Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, and Paleontology. Lastly, I will discuss topics in geology including Geophysics, Plate Tectonics and Earths internal structure.

I will use lots of mathematical proofs here because mathematics is the basic and most fundamental language in science. Without mathematical proofs, a scientific theory is dead in the water. Basically, 2 + 2 cannot equal 5.

On this website, I have referenced Wikipedia on each page just as a quick reference on my facts and a "if you want to learn more" thing. Wikipedia is not a scientific source, however, the facts presented on Wikipedia are credible and accurate.

Please do not discredit this website because the facts that I present here are not from Wikipedia. My information are taken from several University level textbooks and courses on Geology, Geophysics and Mathematics. They are all credible and have gone through the rigors of scientific testing, unlike Neal Adams.

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