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Proof Against Neal Adams and Expanding Earth

The Core

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The core of the Earth is a little bit simpler. There are only two regions, the Outer Core and Inner Core.

The Outer Core is a region which extends from 2880km - 5150km and his characterized by convecting liquid iron. Liquid iron? Thats right. This is because of what is known as the Geothermal Gradient, which is the rate at which temperature rises as we go down through the Earth. At the 2880km - 5150km range, the geothermal gradient is greater then the melting point of iron at those extreme pressures. The Outer Core convects, just like the Mantle, however it is more efficient because its a liquid. The convection of a iron-nickel alloy results in Earths Magnetic field.

The Inner Core is a solid iron-nickel alloy ball, basically. It lies between 5150km - 6370km. It has temperatures that exceed 6000 degrees Celsius and pressures of over 330 GPa. The iron and nickel that sank towards the center of the Earth during planetary differentiation here solidified. This is because the pressure keeps it solid, while the geothermal gradient here does not exceed the melting point of iron-nickel alloy with respect to the pressure.

Earth's Internal Structure with average depths and temperatures

Now, that was a lengthy explanation on Earths Internal Structure according to Science. What about Neal Adams. Now, I cannot effectively talk for Neal Adams, but I will do my best.

Basically, the Earth has a crust and Mantle, just like i described. However, there is no Iron Core according to Neal Adams. Instead there is a super-dense plasma core instead. Plasma-core? Well, just to refresh your memory, plasma is a super-hot, ionized gas. In fact, it is the most common state of matter in the whole universe. Why? Because plasma is what stars, like the sun, are made out of. So, Neal Adams is basically saying that there is a sun at the core of the Earth. How is that possible? I don't know. I cannot see how a small sun could form, then solid rock form on top of that. Its ludicrous.

That aside, can a plasma core explain what we see. Neal Adams claims that a plasma core explains Earths magnetic field. Ok, well a convecting plasma core would create a magnetic field, however, Earths magnetic field is actually quite weak. A magnetic field created by plasma would be very strong. In fact, the magnetic field created by the Sun is approximately 1 Gauss (G), where the Earths is only 0.3 G at the equator and 0.6 at the poles. A plasma core does not explain this low value of magnetic field.

Also, seismic imaging proves this cannot be possible. The average density of the Earth is 5,515.3 kg/m^3, but the core is estimated to have a density of over 15,000 kg/m^3. This would explain the increase of velocity in P- and S-Waves. However, the Sun has an average density of 1,409 kg/m^3. This is far less then the average density of Earth, let alone the density of the core. In other words, a plasma core makes no sense in the realm of reality, both with scientific tests and its creation.

This then brings me to my next point. Neal Adams claims that this dense plasma is actually responsible for creating the matter needed for an expanding Earth.

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