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Proof Against Neal Adams and Expanding Earth

Cretaceous Mass Extinction:
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Here I will discuss Neal Adams concept for the mass extinction that occurred during the end of the Cretaceous.

Watch the video below for Neal Adams explanation on the mass extinction event.

Neal Adams: Dinosaur Extinction:

Asteroid impacting Earth

The punch line with Neal Adams video is that due to the expansion of the Earth, which rifted apart the Mediterranean (in his example), this caused migration routes of dinosaurs to be disturbed. He argues that since dinosaurs were the only animals that migrated, while other creatures like mammals and reptiles did not, thats why they went extinct. So because dinosaurs were evolutionary superior to everything else, thats why they went extinct.

Well, does anyone see the problem with this? I cannot find a biological explanation for why migration would lead to a n extinction. First off, dinosaurs were evolutionary superior to reptiles, that one is okay. But the rest is not. Neal Adams claims that this is the only logical explanation to the "selectiveness" of the extinction event. Well this is not the case. Dinosaurs were not the only things to go extinct. Several species of invertabrates, like Ammonoids, brachiopods and mollusks went extinct, as well as several reptile, amphibian, and mammalian species. This alone debunks Neal Adams concept.

So what happened according to the facts presented by science. The most favorable is the "Siberian Flood Basalt event" plus the "Impact Hypothesis". The Siberian Flood Basalt event was a massive explosion of basaltic lava that covered a large portion of the surface. This volcanic event was categorized as a "supervolcanic eruption". The volcanic eruption caused a massive output of carbon dioxide gas, as well as hydrogen sulfide. The hydrogen sulfide mixed with water creates sulfuric acid, killing local ecosystems. The carbon dioxide creates a toxic cloud around the area, and a greenhouse effect. However, this was every local, but did have a major impact on surrounding ecosystems. The main event was the asteroid impact. "Impact Hypothesis" states that an asteroid or meteor of considerable size crashed into the Earth near the town of Chicxulub, Yucatán, Mexico. This caused a kind of "nuclear winter" where the sun was blocked by a massive cloud of dust and debris, killing off most of the plant-life. It also acidified the waters, killing marine species.

So how did anything survive? Well, simply put, there is no such thing as a "global killer" as described in the movie Armageddon. In fact, it has been calculated that only 65% of life died out at the end of the Cretaceous, known as the K-T Boundary. That is large, but not the largest.

Even Neal Adams notion of dinosaurs dieing off at the end of the Cretaceous is inaccurate. Recent finds have shown that dinosaurs might have lived through the impact event, even through into the Paleocene epoch of the Cenozoic Era (the current Era). How does Neal Adams explain this? He doesn't. His faulty notion that only dinosaurs died off during the K-T Event is childish in its simplicity.

Artist rendition of the K-T Impact Event

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