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Proof Against Neal Adams and Expanding Earth

Neal Adams Intro:

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Neal Adams and Expanding Earth Theory:

Here is an overall synopsis on Neal Adams Expanding Earth Theory. Neal believes the following:

1) That current belief in Plate Tectonic Theory is unscientific and unfounded.

2) There is no such thing as subduction.

3) The Earth is expanding.

4) The Earth was no created by current Solar Nebular Theory, and that the Earth did not differentiate according to that theory.

5) The center of the Earth is not made up of an Iron Core, but rather a giant ball of plasma (which is super-heated ionized gas, similar to the sun), which spontaneously creates matter through a process known as Pair-Production.

6) Current particle models, such as the Standard Model, are incorrect, and infact the particles are made up of Prime Matter Particles, similar to the aether.

Among other things...

Also, here is a basic biography on Neal Adams. He is a very well known Comic Book artist, most notably for his work on DC Characters like Batman, the Green Lantern and the Green Arrow. He has also never been to college or university, or has taken any high-level science courses. He, however, claim that he has been studying science for over 40 years, on his own, and has only now come out with his theory, based on S. Warren Carey's original idea.

I would just like to add this, Neal Adams has never shown any sources or any of his own research or calculations. Here, on this website, I at least show you a basic internet source (Wikipedia) from which the information there is derived from legitimate scientific journals and are all accurate facts and scientific representations. However, the legitimate scientific journals and articles can all be found at the bottom of every single Wikipedia page under "Further References".

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